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The world of B2B (Business-to-Business) is changing fast. Using the power, speed and versatility of the Internet, today companies of all sizes are conducting billions of dollars of new business everyday, thanks to secure and mission-critical business to business applications.

B2B is defined by two companies doing business together directly, with no intermediaries. Such a method has proven itself as fast, economical and, above all, extremely efficient. This news portal has only one goal: to deliver the freshest B2B News to the international business community. Get the most in-depth and the latest news from B2B

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Latest Business to Business News

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Dec. 9, 2016
Companies don't spend enough on security

Dec. 7, 2016
AV exclusion lists cause more damage

Dec. 7, 2016
Brocade launches its WorkFlow auto suite

Dec. 6, 2016
Mirai router worm still a big issue

Dec. 6, 2016
Better code analysis tools are needed

Dec. 5, 2016
Micron launches new SATA SSD drives

Dec. 5, 2016
Companies don't assess real security risks

Dec. 5, 2016
Visa has some serious security gaps

Dec. 2, 2016
Microsoft rebuffs the ZO initiative

Dec. 1, 2016
Hacked companies could lose customers

Nov. 30, 2016
Android security issues continue

Nov. 30, 2016
Gartner: server sales down in Q3

Nov. 29, 2016
Banks uncertain on blockchain tech

Nov. 29, 2016
Hackers attack a Liechtenstein bank

Nov. 28, 2016
Security breaches not taken seriously

Nov. 28, 2016
All Azure RHEL instances hackable

Nov. 25, 2016
Huge phishing campaign on Facebook

Nov. 24, 2016
HPE plans huge redesign of its servers

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